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Lacquered glass

These days, people are making more and more use of lacquered and coloured glass in their interiors. Using decorative glass allows you to play with light and colours, enabling you to make smaller spaces look bigger. For example, you can use lacquered glass as a wall covering in living rooms or kitchens, with shiny or matt glass.

Lacquered glass is highly durable and easy to clean, because the lacquered layer is on the support side of the glass and so can’t be damaged. The thickness of lacquered glass is 4 or 6 mm as standard and can easily be cut, milled, ground and worked to perfection, complete with any holes and recesses required.

Lacquered glass can also be given additional protection by applying a safety film (polypropylene film) on the lacquer side of the glass. That way, any shards created if the glass is broken remain adhered to the film. It also provides the lacquered coating with extra protection.