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Shower screens and doors

A shower door not only has to be watertight, but also has to be durable and look good, too. Feel free to ask for our advice about how we can design your bathroom with a shower door that you will be able to use happily for many years. Quality shower screens and doors are made out of 8 mm toughened glass with chrome hinges.

Glass shower screens and doors make your bathroom look spacious. You can also play with various types of shower design, such as a walk-through arrangement or level-entry shower. If you enjoy showering with your partner, you can do so in complete comfort. And if you opt for a double shower, there’s no need to jostle for water under the same showerhead. It’s a really romantic experience!

A great-looking shower gives your bathroom more cachet and distinction. You’ll be astounded at how we can incorporate a new shower screen or door perfectly into your existing bathroom.