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Glass stairs

If you are looking to add a special feature to your home or office, a glass staircase is a great idea and is guaranteed to give your interior a distinctive and striking ‘wow’ factor. Walk across the floor with a clear space beneath you! A glass staircase gives you that feeling of roominess and can be built both indoors and outside. And you can count on us to handle the specs down to the last detail.

Glass stairs create an exclusive look in any setting and the glass treads combine brilliantly with other materials. In fact, glass stairs offer you a wealth of possibilities. By combining different materials, a glass staircase will fit into both a residential or a business space, as well as into a modern or classic interior.

Glass stairs make good use of a number of the overall properties and characteristics of glass. For example, you can see through glass and it also lets the light in. It keeps its shape in a whole range of temperatures, enjoys unlimited availability, resists scratches, is good for the environment and comes in various dimensions and thicknesses. Glass also has a high level of tensile flexing strength, which makes it very attractive for making stairs out of glass. Glass stairs can be produced in a variety of models, just like other types of stair. This includes a straight flight of stairs or spiral staircase, quarter-turn stairs or landing stairs with a flat area between two flights. Glass stairs can be made entirely from glass or be combined with aluminium. Glass treads do not always need to be transparent, either. They can also be made from glass that has been acid-treated or sandblasted, or from coloured glass and fitted with a nonslip top coat.