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Glass walls

The trend towards bringing as much light as possible into the home or office has become an essential part of contemporary interior design. Glass walls give your residential or business premises a feeling of space, making areas seem larger than they really are. Glass walls can also be finished in a variety of ways that enables them to find an application in any style. And by using toughened glass, you avoid the wall dissolving into dangerous glass shards if an accident occurs.

Glass walls are often used in bathrooms and showers. They are also being applied increasingly to create enclosed offices and individual living spaces. You can opt to leave the glass totally transparent or give it a matt visibility strip, have it sandblasted, coloured or have recesses cut into it. Glass partitions are used both in new-build and renovation projects, for example to separate spaces from one another while maintaining a spacious feeling of transparency.

We finish our glass walls in such a way that sound has no chance of penetrating the space they enclose. That means you can work in total peace and quiet at home or in the office without being disturbed by noise from the outside.